Asset Management

At least once a month our Chief Investment Officer and the Partners meet as an Investment Committee to review and analyze market assessments and determine our investment strategy for the coming month. Short decision-making paths allow us to adapt quickly to the current market conditions.

Naturally we regularly verify our investment strategy and look for growth potential and future viability. In order to achieve this, we compare our models with existing standard models.

There is also room for your input and suggestions (particular subject or sector), to which we share our assessments and alert you of possible opportunities and risks.

Fund of Funds Asset Management

No assets are too small for us.

The Herculean Task is to not let valuable performance go to waste.

Based on our quantitative approach, we identify the right investment fund from one of the world's best fund databases and the strategy chosen determines the composition of the building blocks.

Our commitment

  • Identification of high-quality investment funds
  • Observance of risk figures
  • Positive performance against the reference index
  • Absolute independence and transparency